Our Tramily

When hiking the Appalachian Trail or really hiking any trail, one will always meet many "unique and interesting people". Most of the time you just meet them just in passing and give them a nod or a hey. But then there is another group of people that you may get to know somewhat. You may hike with them for only a few minutes/hours or maybe for a day(s) or even a week or months. These people affectionaly become known as your "Tramily", .... like "Fern" and "Squeak" were last year. This year, however, MacGyver and I had quite an expanded group of people we got to know that we wanted to highlight and acknowlewdge.


This is Bushman and Skittles from Cincinnati. They quite their jobs (as a Nurse and a Conservationalist) to Thru Hike the AT over the next 4-6 months. And no i never really understood what a Conservationalist did...but he said hiking the AT would be good on his resume:)

This is "Purple Haze". She did an AT thru hike a few years ago, then the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and now she "just' does a few section hikes each year when she has vacation.

Here is MacGyver with "Reader" on the left from New Jersey and "Trucker Speed" from Alabama on the left. Both Southbound thru hikers passing thru.

Here we are with Erica a shuttle driver we used to take us to a trailhead. Wonderful lady.

Okay....when we were at Greasy Creek Friendly Hostel, Connie's BF was there ansd even though i didnt get a picture of him...he looked EXACTLY like this....and his trail name was "Gadget"....as in Inspector Gadget.

The guy on the right is "Nucman". MacGyver and I gave him his trail name. He was a retired Nuclear Engineering doing a thru hike.

This is "Salt and Pepper". Two retired military people from Ohio trying to Thru hike. We saw them off and on for about a week. BTW, that is my bunk bed at the top....and "stuff" scattered everywhere is very typical and normal in a Hostel...just like when we were teenagers!

This is "Drop Off" from Memphis, TN. A thru hiker that zero'd at Mountain Harbour for 4 days waiting for a new sleeping pad. Back story on his name is interesting. He was at a different hostel and called for a shuttle to take him to a trailhead. He and the driver apparently didn't understand each other very well and ended up back at where he started....and he was too polite to say anything....not sure he will make the entire trail in time...

This is "Spider Slayer" and Dry Patch". A Mother and Son out for some section hiking.

This is "Chickadee" on the left and "Pots and Pans" on the right. Recent college grads from Maine that wanted to Thru Hike the AT before real life started. One would ask, how do their parents feel about this? Chickadees father thru hiked in the 80's so he was totally fine with it!

This is "Coach" on the left and Brian (no travel name) on the right from Cincinnati. Hiked with them off and on for about a week. They were out for 5 weeks from Springer Mtn. to Damascus, VA.

This is Déjà vu and Hopscotch from Canada. Not sure of the back story on her name but her husband got his name due to their unique hiking strategy. They used 2 cars and would drive them back and forth to the trail heads...thus...hopscotching.

This is "Chuck Wagon"

....but doesn't he look more like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings??

This is Survivor talking to "Blue" him and his wife "Patches" were thru hiking but not really in any hurry and they took quite a few zero days. Just a relaxed "stroll in the park". Both quit their jobs and came on the trail to seek adventure. Ya gotta love their attitude and strategy. And where did he get his trail name? He had his toe nails painted navy blue....we didnt ask why.

Met these 2 lovely southern ladies day hiking during a break waiting out a storm. I think they were from Georgia. When we told them we were from Michigan, one commented, 'oh..... Yankees". Obviously she must have mistaken me for Luis Cessa who plays for the New York "Yankees" baseball team :).

Peace on the Trail.

This was "Lemonade" a thru hiker from Maine. Saw him periodically for about 2 weeks. He didnt say much but because of his size, he certainly helped to scare the bears away!

And there were several hikers we met that i didn't get pictures of:



Vulture Bait (from Canada)


Double Trouble