A hike well done!!

MacGyver and my adventure this year on the AT was another action-packed whirlwind of "ups and....more up"! Last year we didn't know what we didn't know but this year we tackled the AT with a vengeance ready for anything. Sure there were definitely some challenging parts whether it was the bad storms, the excruciating miles, long climbs and descents, the insects/bugs or the 20+ mile days but we never lost our excitement and enthusiasm. Because we knew that just around the corner or at the top of a mountain there were going to be some breathtaking views that made us speechless. And we were never disappointed.

We hiked over 280 miles in three weeks surpassing the goal we set. BTW, we learned of a new term for section hikers that hike alot of miles: LASHERS (Long Ass Section Hikers). So we be LASHERS!

We also met some of the most memorable people one could ever meet, all after that same dream and euphoric feeling one gets taking on a challenge like this.

But what made this so much easier and more fun than one should be allowed to have was hiking with my brother MacGyver. What a treat..…and what a team! We always had each other’s back every step of the way whether it was keeping each other from falling off the edge of a cliff to assuring we both had enough water and food. Thanks for the memories Bro!

So what is our encore going forward??

It may have been the wine and beer (or the Pappy Van Winkle whisky)  talking but next year we are considering a 4 week adventure, picking up where we left off. That would put us near the 1,000 mile marker…or maybe we should push right thru to the half way point?? Stay tune:)

 Happy Trails,

Survivor and MacGyver

P.S. In keeping with the name of my Blog, A Bucket List Of Adventures!, don’t be surprised if I post other adventures I may go on……..from my “bucket list”. Join me if you want!!


30.04.2020 23:38

JoAnn Aurand Pobocik

Wow, Steve! This was fascinating to read about. I'm in awe. Good to see your face after so many years. Look forward to reading about more adventures!

13.06.2020 15:14

Stephen Ortiz

Hey JoAnn, Many thanks! It certainly has been some years since we saw each other. Yes, my adventurous spirit has not gone away :) Helps keep me young....at least in my mind! Our next hike begins soon!

20.08.2019 21:05

Jack R Hughes

Great documentation of your trip. That takes work, too. Thanks for sharing.

15.08.2019 14:19


Steve, you did an outstanding job capturing and helping all our friends and family live our AT hike with us. You are amazing to hike with and look forward to next year.
Love you Bro