After a wine/fun-filled time in Napa Valley and Sonoma it was back to San Francisco to see the sites of the city!

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Lombard Street

Lombard Street_a "dizzy" experience!

And they wouldn't even let us go back up the other way!

And down we go!


A load of prisoners just got dropped off.

Got a great rate on this room for the night.

View the prisoners close to freedom but yet so far away! Don't these prisoners seem to be very well dressed? Systems is getting soft....


Chinatown.....with a Sparty fan....Sparty even got noticed on a cable car we rode.

Which one of these drinks looks out of place in Chinatown??....and who do you suppose was drinking it!

Evening Accommodations in San Francisco

"Slightly better" room then the one at Alcatraz.

Mill-Rose Half Moon Bay B & B

Then the Sunset on the Bay......I think I hear Otis Redding singing "Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay"

Like Willie Nelson said, "On the Road Again"

Time to leave Sand Francisco for the rest of our road trip....with lots of windshield time. See you in Carmel!