Well, we have completed our "full-of-fun-and-laughter" trip from Northern to Southern California and what an adventure it was! We saw so many more sites than the pictures I have posted but most of all we have 10x more great memories from this trip. And there is no doubt that it would not have been the same without Mike and Robbin. It was a true joy and pleasure traveling with them; and Sandy and I are so grateful they joined us. Cheers to you Mike and Robbin!! 

You know the old saying, "All Good Things Must Come To An End"? Well I dont really subscribe to that and am not going to say that about this trip.....the Good Things" are just beginning so keep on the lookout for other adventures from the "Bucket List Of Adventures"!!!

Adios / Auf Wiedersehen / Cheers / Arrivederci / Au revoir / さようなら/ Hasta la Vista...baby!