Why are we long distance hiking the AT?

"It's an ideal weight loss program" ๐Ÿ˜Šย 

I could have broken PA into 2 pages (North and South) but I chose to separate into 3 pages for a couple of reasons, with one of them being that at the end of any hike.....long or short....the ending has additional meaning. These last 5 days were as great and adventurous as the previous 23.....if not more so....๐Ÿ˜Šย 

The steep ups and downs over the rocks and boulders increased and were continuous but MacGyver and I finally had our hiker legs in shape!.....but I must say, we went thru a few phases of attitude concerning "Rocksylvania":

1st Phase:ย  Excitement! photo, photo, photo

2nd Phase:ย  Dread about stepping on yet a million more sharp, small, large, loose rocks and over boulders.....BIG boulders.

3rd Phase:ย  Auto pilot. You just do it, focused totally on finding the best place to place your foot.

Then of course ...... like the Garth Brooks song "Low Places"......there is always an โ€œunofficial 4th Phaseโ€. PA rocks โ€ฆ.you can kiss my ass!!๐Ÿ˜Š.

All kidding aside, the hike thru PA has been quite an adventure with about anything you would expect...or not!....and we really did have fun and appreciated the challenges!! Thank you Pennsylvania!.....

Now..... MacGyver and I are currently at more then the half way mark to Katahdin so when we came across this milestone we thought we were in the Twlight Zone. But then realized this was the 1,000 mile marker....for SOBO's.

Even with all the rocks, we were still in awe of all the great views we saw!

Very cool AT museum in the Pine Grove Furnace SP

Had to do some doctoring of my right leg/knee in the field.......or I just lost my pant leg.......

Stayed in our first shelter that had 4 walls, a roof with a sky light, doors, electricity, a delux port-a-potty, a care taker named "Borderline".....and of course mice....lots of mice.....but it was nice to be inside. AND we had pizza and milk shakes delivered from a local store!ย 

On day 23 we came across a beaver dam the trail crosses....which was more than flooded during the hurricane.....so we had to take a 1 1/2 mile detour around. That day we did 22 1/2 miles.

Made it to mile marker 1,200 on the AT! And 300 miles in this year so far!

Damn! Broke my little toe on my left foot. Good thing we only had a few more days left on the trail!

MacGyver grabbing a quick lunch before the next climb.

On our hike out of Port Clinton, we came across a rather unique (and colorful) spot underneath a bridge.

MacGyver was considering a nap to wait out the rain. It rained most of the day.

MacGyver trying to Hitch a ride up this steep climb....strange that no cars ever came by to pick us up! Actually we were 0 for 4 in trying to hitch a ride. Why wouldn't anyone pick up two old, dirty, smelly dudes? Don't understand it!

Some great panoramic views from the top of the "Pinnacle" at mile marker 1,230.

....MacGyver always on the lookout for rattlesnakes hiding or sunning themselves on the rocks.

Well....we had to climb a bit to get to the Pinnacle, which was worth it, however the climb down was more than a bit "interesting".

The last night on the trail this year was at Allentown Hiking Club Shelter. Bitter/Sweet. A bit sad that it is over but excited about resting our weary bodies....however....the last day (tomorrow) was quite the experience we will never forget!ย 

Was a cold evening.

Never could beat MacGyver at checkers.

Our last day of hiking was anything but boring (or easy)! We tackled the "Knife Edge". And the name is self explanatory as are the following pics and videos!

Some still shots of the Knife Edge to accentuate the fun of traversing and decending!

MacGyver taking in the fantastic view on the Edge!

Now, that's not too bad of a climb down...is it??

We hit the Edge on a picture perfect day!

The "Blues Brothers" just 2 miles from the extraction point!

2021 AT hike is officially in the books! 351 miles this year, at mile marker 1,252.....with all smiles.....starting to think about next year!