DAY 1 start!!

As mentioned in the above video.......ROCK from the first step...but MacGyver didn't lose his rock hopping skills!

I'm a distant second behind MacGyver.

...and speaking of rocks....what the heck is this???? I think it may be aliens signaling the mother ship!

But once to the top of the ridge.....what beautiful sites overlooking Pamerton, PA!

....And MacGyver can't wait to summit that ridge in the foreground leaving Palmerton, PA!

First night out in our new tents at George E. Outbridge Shelter.

A lost and lonely backpack?

On day 4 we hit a couple of milestones!

# Had our 10 seconds of fame by accidentally stumbling in to a documentary being filmed by the Christian Brodcasting Network in Delaware Water Gap, PA about the Church of the Mountain and its connection to Hikers. Check out this link; MacGyver and I had the hiker swager going on 😊:

# Crossed over from PA to NJ

# Hit mile marker 1,300

Crossing the Delaware River into New Jersey

MacGyver and "Lat" checking out the border

Beautiful views.......

....In the early morning

MacGyver and I have 4 other brothers and we all graduated from Swartz Creek HS in Michigan....... how did our Red and White tower make its way to a mountain top in NJ??

very mysterious!!

Some great views near Kittatinny Mountain

All happy at dinner time!

MacGyver can't believe what he is seeing......water!

A random structure on top of a mountain?

Not a lot of heavy climbs and decents but an all-day rainy day.

Me calling in for a pizza at out next stop:)

Another Milestone!!

Awesome storm coming our way!

MacGyver like Moses, calling in the Thunder!!

Me trying to "cross off" the Storm"

Moses calling in the Thunder!!

MacGyver walking towards the storm

The Boadwalks in NJ  on the AT may not be the same as those at the Jersey Shore but they were still awesome!

Killer Cows on the Loose!!