This is Barb...or "Nascar" (a retired school teacher and now a part-time shutle driver) who picked us up at the airport on day 1 and shuttled us to the trailhead. Her "trail name" of NASCAR was given to her by some people she shuttled once.....well....becuase she drives like a Nascar driver!!

First day out we met "Lateral" at the shelter we stayed at. An always smiling 20 something NOBO from Florida with a great personality. Claims in his current life he is just moving side to side (thus his trail name) so he hit the trail to move it forward! Considering that "Lat" was hiking 20-30 miles a day we surprisingly saw him saw several times over the next month. He told us he had a tendency to take zeros often:). What was unique about "Lat" was that he ditched his sleeping bag and tent at mile 700 and has Cowboy camped or "Shelter Blazed" ever since. Hope that works well for him once he is in NH and ME!!

Hermes – first SOBO we met (don’t let the closed eyes fool you. He was indeed awake while standing up. It was camera operator error 😊). In ancient Greek religion and mythology Hermes is an Olympian deity and is considered the protector of human heralds, travelers, merchants, and orators……all traits of a Long Distance Hiker!

“Bells Free” from Eastern North Carolina (back story on her trail name is that she use to hike with a bell to scare off bears….but people didn’t like the constant noise so much 😊) and “NDY” (means “not” dead yet”?) from Atlanta. Two section hikers out for a couple weeks. Their strategy is to “hopscotch” the trail by shuttling each of their cars. Let’s them slack pack every day and then sleep in their cars at the subsequent trailheads. Cool way to hike! We would see them several times over the next week or so.

This is "Lucifer" a SOBO from California. She had such a great attitude and was the complete opposite of what the original Lucifer was like!

This is "Tigger" a section hiker and schoolteacher from PA we met at Kirkridge Shelter.

This is "Riot" a SOBO...and she really was a riot! She has an Instagram account...and I think the name is Casual Spoon.... where she is posting various people she meets on the trail. Check it out if you have an account, MacGyver and I should be on it.

Met this group of SOBO thru hikers at a hidden and vital water spot. Most have been together from the beginning of their thru hike in Maine....they really seem to have bonded quite well to the point where while taking a zero in New York City, all decided to buy the same 'very colorful" hiking shorts. I guess that is better than other things they could have done in the Big Apple! Their trail names from left to right are: "Podcast", Tang", Hippy Gandolf", "KT" and ......"Pleiadian"??

Coming back to the hiker "Pleiadin" above....I didnt have the courage to ask him what his trail name meant so I looked it up:

"Light-bodied humans residing in the 5th Dimension,  ancestors to Pleiadian starseeds living on Earth, bringers of agriculture, givers of civilization, builders of megaliths, masters of inter-dimensional travels on space vehicles of light, returning to earth-human awareness as spirit beings to be seen by the spirit eye"


Well...okay then...probably MUCH MORE information than any of us wanted!!😊

This is "YAK", a YO YO hiker. Basically he is doing a Thru hike NOBO, then when he gets to to the northern terminus.....he turns around and thru hikes SOBO to Springer! almost 4,400 miles. Why is he so happy??

Day Hiker Bob whom we met at the base of a climb called "Stair Way To Heaven". I enjoyed the song by Led Zeppelin better than the climb :)

A group of Yale students bonding with nature. Most didn't seem to happy about camping out, particularly all in one tent! But they gave us some much needed water!

This a Trail Angel "Day Dreamer", a scientist at Memorial Hospital in CT, that we met on day 12 that was out day hiking....specifically to offer food and drinks to hikers! What a treat.....Gatorade, chocolates and other candies!

At Silver Springs Campsite we met Vince, a Ridge Runner from Cap Cod. He really was/is dedicated to keeping these campsite in great shape. Thanks Vince!!

This is Vanessa Barton who owns a Hostel in Salisbury, CT where we stay for 2 days. Great lady who also helped us slackpack for a day. Take a look at her "unique" place on the ""Places" page.