A perfect place to camp at George W. Outbridge Shelter first night out.

Had an unscheduled stay early on at Linda and John's Blue Mountain Dome in Kunkletown, PA. Unique and very friendly owners....a rather "interesting stay" but they had water and a place to shower! Slept in there garage....and tried not to get run over by their cars!!

Kirkridge Shelter

Dinner of beef Stroganoff!

Photo Bombed by "Tigger"

Spend 2 nights at Mosey's Place in Port Jervis, NJ . Mosey is a 2015 Thru hiker and a wonderful person......that made the BEST breakfast!!

Had to share the hostel with some unigue animals.....

....that sometimes got out of their cages!

This is Mosey

Camped at a Franciscan Monastery near Peeksville, NY....near their ball diamond that had showers and a pavilion. Cool and large place.

We were in good hands at this campsite!

The evening of day 12 near Canopus Lake Beach within the Clarence Fahnstock SP. Also met a lady from Shanghai, China section hiking NY.

Station INN B&B in Pawling, NY. Nice town that treated hikers great.

A small attic room...but comfy.

Always a "fun thing" to do on the trail....laundry. Can't you tell how excited MacGyver is :)

Notice the LARGE amount of extra water I am carrying! MacGyver was doing the same.

Stealth site we built just before the CT border.

Camped at Wiley Shelter near the CT border where we "Thought" was going to be a working pump for much needed water...NOT!

Vanessa Barton's Hostel in Salisbury, CT.

A 300-year-old house

okay....I could have been a bit less cluttered