15-mile gloomy day

Piece a cake!

Gotta Love The Views....

.....And nice to have some flat/level land for at least a few minutes.

Since it was slow at this "Bar", I ordered a Wiskey and Water

17 mile day...and ready for a party!

Tight sqweeze for MacGyver but he made it thru.

I felt like a lemon being squeezed!

Guess who turned 69 on the trail today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.....and thank to my beautiful Wife, Girls and Grandkids for the great presents they sent me!

14 mile day and water was plentiful!!

Camped at Belters campsite at mile 1,493.5

MacGyver's "comfy and casual" sleeping quarters.

...and in true MacGyver style, he found a unique and effective place to dry out his gear!

Don't you just love the "openness" of this privy!

A short 9 miles to Salisbury to pick up a re-supply and stay at a unique but fun hostel. Weather is starting to get a bit cooler.

Made it mile marker 1,500!! Only 700 miles left to Mt. Katahdin!

Stopped in Salisbury, CT for a rare cup of coffee and a scone....why aren't anyone sitting next to us "smelly hikers" in this boutique little town??

About 5 miles of Housatonic River walking.

Nice hiking just prior to Massachusetts