We saw some amazing sites and heard some intriging sounds that are worth acknowledging. We certainly didnt see the vast amount of giant bears, wild bores and snakes that some of the people we met indicated they did (or at least they did in their own minds) but here are a few of our experiences:

Between MacGyver, Fern and I we saw 2 bears. A mother and her cub. Here is the back story on that. Fern was in the lead with MacGyver close behind...and of course me as usual several yards behind. Suddenly Fern startled the mother and she took off to the left. Then all of a sudden the cub bolted to the right into a tree. As i approached Fern and MacGyver not knowing what happened, MacGyver yell, "Survivor! get your camera ready because there is a bear cub in a tree to your right about 30 feet...and the mother is somewhere out there also". Well now I am thinking, I am/could be between the mother bear and the cub....and we all know what that could mean. So as I was walking quickly, I snapped this photo. And trust me, it really is a bear cub.

Saw this snake as we were climbing on a rock to take pics.

Had this rabbit buzz by us within 1 foot as we had stopped to look at the map. Didnt seem too scared of us.

A bit out of focus but this is a squirrel I promised to bring home. Couldn't catch him though!

Maybe a better shot of our friend the squirrel.

Saw lots of these critters in different colors.

A colony of Charlottes Webs.

A unique breed of royal frogs were discovered.

No pictures but we did see several turkeys. In fact one actually hiked with us for a hunderd yards or so. Very strange as he was just real casual about it and was only about 20 feet away. Saw and heard a few owls and we think an eagle or 2....and numerous "droppings" from bears, coyotes, dogs, etc.

As far as sounds, we do believe we heard a wild bore one day. Never saw it but it was not any sound we had heard before and was close to the signs we saw warning of them. And of course we heard many sounds at night, particularly in the shelters. Mostly mice running back and forth in the rafters, rummaging thru our backpacks...and then a few running across our sleeping bags. And of course we were convinced we heard  Sasquatch a few times...and Bears near those shelters that we were warned not to stay at.