Clean Shaven MacGyver on our first day.

And then there is me checking my email at the start...or was I checking for a shuttle to the next Hostel :)?

Rough first day of hiking with the first 6 miles uphill......

And then more uphill...all the way to Hot Springs, NC.

Great view from Max Patch Summit

And more views from Max Patch!

I think MacGyver is praying for a nice juicy burger...

....and he found it in Hot Springs!!

My kind of restaurant!



Hot Springs, NC

Camped high above the French Broad River. Beautiful views.


Who ever said us Brothers werent close? Camped in a "Unofficial Stealth site" that barely fit one tent let alone 2.

No Bear is going to get this food! MacGyver's food hanging skills was second to none!

Night Skys above Hot Springs, NC

Okay....use your imagination and what do you see.....? And yes, MacGyver and I "mooned" the tree back :)

StoneHenge on the AT




First Hostel stay (and  first shower)...Hemlock Hollow Hostel


This is Diana who owns the Hemlok Hollow Hostel. She is planning on doing a thru hike next year!

The next few days where we stayed were not quite the same as the Hostel...but the views were great!


Taking cover from the rain under a rock ledge,

300 mile marker! 60 miles in.