Taking a break at Sam's Gap, in the shade, before tackling the next mountain.

Even parts of the AT can be a "Gated Community".

...a gated community to either keep the person who wrote this in or out??

Out of Sam's Gap we headed to a 5,000+ ft. summit....that sounds "interesting".

The climb was well worth it!



You have heard of "Dancing With Wolves"?....well this is MacGyver "Dancing With Bugs"! They, and the cobwebs were thick. And it worked, no bugs would come near him!

One of the "shorter climbs" we had :) This was actually taking us onto private property owned by a "Hiker Friendly Owner".


Stayed at Mother Marians Hostel one night after a hard rain the night before. Marian is the owner with her husband Fred the retired Navy commander. 


Rain started to hit us hard right before we started up a series of Balds. Sideways rain with Thunder and Lightning...but MacGyver and i are still smiling :)


One thing for sure...you better take care of the blister on your feet!

??? I got nothing.


High above the Nolichucky River.

Still hiking in the fog and rain...with MacGyver still leadng the charge!



Stopped by a rather "Unique and Rustic" Hostel, GREASY CREEK FRIENDLY HOSTEL, owned and operated by Connie. A great lady. And we even had an acoholic beverage!



And this is Connie from Greasy Creek Friendly Hostel.

Taking a well deserved break.

Sometimes on the trail you come across some things that words cannot describe. The above was one such site. It was pine tree decorated like Christmas and was a memorial for a young kid that loved the woods that passed away way too young.


Still hiking thru some rain but also still seeing some beautiful scenery!


After our marathon hike from hell during the storm filled-day we finally made it to this shelter. Was a small 5 person shelter with 3 people there when we arrived at 7pm. But they fit us in. Was really cozy! 2 brothers that were active military out for a weekend hike. I think they regreted their timing because of the storms all weekend. And then a thru-hiking lady namedTeeter.