"The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go” –Unknown

Mile marker 520 to mile marker 585: 65 miles the first 5 days. Tough adjustment to the heat and humidity...and lack of water. Made welcomed an unscheduled stop at Bear Garden Hostel that is basically right next to the trail.

After arrving at the trailhead, day 1 was a fairly easy day with just shy of 7 miles. Just a quick walk thru a meadow as MacGyver is shown doing here. Although with water being scarce, we decided to carry some to the camp site. This will be a common necessity throughout our 4 weeks on the trail.

Speaking of meadows, we will walk thru many a pastures during this adventure...with many cows to keep us company. Our many thanks to all the private farmers that own this land, allowing backpackers to walk thru their properties. Just have to be careful of all the cow pies!

First Wilderness in the Jefferson National Forest. Hope to see some raccoons!

First night of camp was a stealth site (an old logging road). During the night we heard some crazy snorting sounds. I thought it was MacGyver snoring but he told me in the morning that it was a Buck snorting at us trying to get us to move (we didn't).

View from Walter Mountain

Almost looks like a natural menorah garden.

1/4 of the way to Katahdin!!

Up and over a tricky fence.

Second night in was at Chatfield Shelter....with our IV water bag handy....and we needed it!

Sometimes you just leave the forest suddenly out into the open and come across some interesting sites. This house has one the best views yet! And look at that "Carolina Blue Sky".......in Virginia!

MacGyver is all thumbs up on tackling that mountain in the background.

Which way to go, which way to go??

When the bridge is out....well.....you just wade across.