“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness occurs while you are climbing it.”

–Andy Rooney

Lamberts Meadows to Thunder Hill Shelter; Mile marker 724 to mile marker 772: 48 miles in 4 days (with one zero day in-between)

Had to take a written test in order to hike this next section of the trail??....One question on the test? Which way was North...Of course the answer is the direction I am walking!

Some amazing views from up top!

MacGyver enjoying a great view on the "top of the World"......on the edge of a rock!

And even more great views in the valleys and meadows!

....Including my shirt. Why such a serious face Survivor?

A carpet of green.......

.....that goes on forever......

Took a Zero in Daleville on day 18 for some non-trail food, drinks and especially meeting up with special friends Jim and Sarah Hunt! PLUS, took real showers, slept in a real bed with pillows...and drank city water (had a bad taste to it :)

Cracker Barrel special! First vegetable in 18 days!

Cheers to Jim and Sarah Hunt!

Upgraded my water system a bit....got new bottles.....

Who ever wrote this has a point....but still, the fence was built very well....

McGyver did not bring his trekking poles this year because he is like a Flying Wallenda on a high-wire above the Grand Canyon; great balance. And this worked well ....until he slipped on a wet wood bridge we had to cross and he really twisted his knee. So, in prefect McGyver fashion, he found a stick, carved it out to a perfect walking stick......Like Gandolf...or Frodo and Samwise Gamgee?

MacGyver must be Frodo because he for sure hikes faster than me.

MacGyver holding up the Wall of Jericho

How do I get over this wall??