Not necessarily a "wild animal".....but animals just the same. Actually they were lost and got on the AT by mistake.

MacGyver saw a total of 3 bears......I saw 1 because I was always to slow.

Cattle were cow pies!

The deer were as plentiful as the cattle.

There were times when this turtle was hiking faster than me!

Orange popsicle lizard

Bugs Bunny....looks possessed doesn't it.

Butter flies galore

And of course snakes!

...and trust me, this was a eastern diamond back rattler on the side of the trail.......which I got up close and personal with....but not by choice!

A highly intelligent primate walking upright.

Where there are spider webs there are spiders....

.......and we walked into MANY of spider webs.

Needed some fishing bait.....for big fish

??? I think we are being followed!!

Dozens and dozens of these creatures visited us the last night on the trail.......

allll over our tents. Was right out of a sci fi movie: "The invasion of the Giant Slugs!!"