“You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.”

–Dr. Seuss

Thunder Hill Shelter to Maupin Field Shelter; Mile marker 772 to mile marker 843: 71 miles in 5 days.

James River near Glasgow, VA. Stayed a the hostel "Stanimals" for 2 nights.

........on the longest foot-use-only bridge on trhe AT..

Crossed the James River today.

I'm thinking that MacGyver discovered the original 10 commandments tablet. Where is Moses??

There were times when there was such heavy overgrowth on the trail, it was difficult to know if you were even on the trail. That is why the trail maintainers are so valuable.

Especially when one comes across a diamondback rattlesnake! And yes....it is there in this picture! Trust me.

We lost MacGyver in the underbrush.......

You probably know of the Arches as you drive thru St. Louis, Missouri...well this is the Arches as you hike the AT.....or is it the McDonalds Golden Arches??

......rested after climbing all those mountains today!!!....

....also climbed that mountain in the distance.......

Climbed that mountain in the distance.

......Just climbs this ridge......

We have made it 300 miles so far this year!!

Tackled all 3 of the Ridges!!

Reflecting on climbing the Three Ridges.....

.....MacGyver ("Gandolf" with his staff) looking over the Shire :)

Is that Mordar in "Lord of the Rings?

Legend has it that once you enter the The Priest Wilderness and you get to the Priest Shelter, you are supposed to write down your sins in a log book there and you will be forgiven for those sins. Only spent 8 hours there writing them down :)

In the 3 years that MacGyver and I have been doing our LASH's , we have never built a fire........until now. And it was all MacGyver. Plus, in true MacGyver fashion, he got creative in starting it. There was an abandoned mouse nest under the shelter made up of twigs, leaves and various pieces of pap

We were told that this was the "Thumb".....I don't see it.

Alas.....MacGyver retired his Gandolf walking stick at Harper's Creek Shelter, mile 837. His twisted knee had recovered (yeah!) and he was ready to break away from his "trail crutch" - homemade trekking pole. It was sad to walk away from it but we hope it found a good home......with some else that may have twisted their knee!

300 miles in so far this year!

All the comforts of home....kind of...

AND.....we made it to the 800 mile mark on the AT!!