"A Brother Shares Childhood Memories, and Grown-Up Dreams and Adventures!”

"Because I have a Brother, I always have a Friend."

What another great year hiking with MacGyver; one adventure (or challenge!) after another and I feel priviledged and honored to have spent 29 days this year in Virginia with him hiking the AT. MacGyver, was a joy to hike with and he never failed to enjoy himself as did I (....and he also kept me out of harms way a few times!).......AND he always had that infectious smile on his face......

MacGyver also had a lot happening ON the trail.......and in true "MacGyver" fashion he overcame EVERY challenge thrown at him. For example......

Not a week into our trip, the tension bars on his new pack broke. He ducttaped them together the best he could until the manufacturer sent him some new parts.

....Also early on in the hike, one of his tent pole broke! Again. with duct tape, luko tape, bailing twine and chewing gum he repaired it and it lasted the rest of the trip.

....and then he "blew out a tire". He mended as best he could until he had a new pair sent. Good thing he was okay walking barefoot!

....And unfortunately on day 16, MacGyver badly twisted his knee crossing a wet and treacherous wooden bridge. But no worries....he found a fallen tree, carved it into a walking stick....and didn't miss a beat!

Only took him minutes to carve this log down to size:)

MacGyver doing his best Harry Potter imitation.

....AND THEN...... MacGyver had his tent pillow spring a leak (and you gotta have a pillow when sleeping on the ground!)! What else possibly could happen one may ask?? But MacGyver never missed a beat and did "major surgery" on his pillow, in the woods, literally making a small incision in it removing the inflatable air bladder, plugging the leak with duck tape/glue/mud/sutures/etc., then re-inserting back into the pillow cover......and sewed it up using pine needles and spider webs for thread :). He had it repaired in no time.....while still hiking up a mountain!

Thanks Bro for sharing yet another great AT adventure with me.....it would definitely not have been the same without you....

Band Of Brothers Forever


06.09.2021 16:10

Mike DiCello

Great meeting you and your Brother at Eagles nest.

27.09.2021 17:16


Hey Pinnacle! Great to meet and hike with you also! And great advice on the next section we did. Thanks!