“Because In the End, You Won’t Remember The Time You Spent Working In The Office or Mowing Your Lawn. Climb That Damn Mountain!”

–Jack Kerouac

When a person hikes one mountain and valley after another...for 8-10 hours a day, the mind tends to wander :) (or hallucinate......not sure which it is!). And I had a tendency to think about some "miscellaneous" ideas for the blog. For example, MacGyver took a picture of us each and every day while on the trail. I won't show you all 29 pictures  but a snapshot of them:

On the photos above, do you see a pattern in the variety of clothes we are wearing (or lack of variety)? Well here is the verdict:


     Salmon shirt: wore it 16 times

      Light grey shirt: wore it 13 times



      Green shirt:  wore it 17 times (GO GREEN!)

      Blue shirt:     wore it 12 times (GO the other team in Michigan :)

So you see......many random thoughts I came up with while walking....


We finally found a water source!!

Hiking shoes are like dog years........

......they age quickly.....

My camp shoes for the entire trip. Who said you had to have expensive gear to hike the AT!

Bug Nets were a necessity on the trail.........

....as well as a fashion statement

MacGyver has already lost A LOT of weight!

One comes across some of the strangest things at times on the trail.

Cheers to a well deserved break.


06.09.2021 16:07

Mike Dicello

It was great meeting you and brother at Eagles nest