Why are we long distance hiking the AT?

It's not about “trying to figure ones self out”…..I did that decades ago….and I am fine with myself😊. It’s just not that complicated why we do this….because we can....or maybe these past few years have been “shakedown hikes” in preparation for a Thru Hike?? 😊……..


I think the rocks in Northern VA were sending a signal about "Rocksylvania"!!

Sadly, leaving The Shannies..

LOVE those trail angels in Front Royale, VA!

McGyver protesting boardwalk hiking

....but stepped up to be a gatekeeper

Found a couple of chairs out of nowhere to take a break!

Stayed at Jim and Molly Dentons Shelter one night at mile marker 977. Best damn shelter on the trail so far! Thanks Jim and Molly!

Horse shoe pits

Solar Shower! (But the water was cold!)

Something that was not lost on us as we did our hike this year was the rich history throughout the states we hiked. The Civil War and Revoluntary War sites and signs we saw are truly hallowed ground.

Fairly basic shelter......but home for the night...and dry (it rained that night!)

Stayed at Rod Hollow Shelter at mile 996

Hiking gear everywhere!

1,000 mile mark on the AT!

....and 100 miles hiked so far this year!

Stayed at the Legendary Bears Den Hostel. Bears Den is owned by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and operated by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (and properietor Glen). It is a stone mansion set to model a European castle. Awesome place! And a good place to rest up for MacGyver due to significant dehydration and heat exhaustion.

At the northern end ot the AT in Virginia there is section that is "affectionately" known as the "Roller Coaster".  A 13+ mile stretch of.....well....rocky steep ups and downs! But MacGyver and I conquered it!.....albeit slowly!

No one can say we weren't warned!

Bitter/Sweet moment. Many memories of the "hundreds" of miles we have hiked in Virginia....but now it's time for another state!