Why are we long distance hiking the AT?

"Feeling a part of a truly unique and accepting community"

Ahhh...The Pennsylvania Border! AND the "Crossing of the proverbial  Rubicon" at mile 1,067...The Mason Dixon line! Guess I have to drop my southern accent and work on my PA slang....from Y'all to Yinz (term I learned when living in Pittsburgh - GO STEELERS!)

As many know the rocks of PA are legendary, however, it seems the trail will keep us guessing on when they get...well...."challenging". But in the meantime we "float thru some flat land and in to the constant green tunnel.

Very unigue shelter we stopped at!

2 "unique" shelters...one for non-snorers......

....and one for snorers!

Another unknown Trail Angel! WATER!

Took a "zero" in Chambersburg, PA to nurse some bumps, bruises, cuts and sore muscles. and to repair some equipment. AND to get a non-trail food meal!! A BIG shout out to Pastor Beal from Trail of Hope Ministry who shuttled MacGyver and I around where we needed to go. See info in AWOL on his place and services. He will do you right.

Passed by Quarry Gap Shelter but didn't stop. Looked to busy!

These green tunnels keep sucking MacGyver in!

Well....these signs give us lots of confidence!

Big ups and downs starting.

The "official" number of miles for the entire AT does change at times and sometimes each year. So the half way point can be elusive. So we saw a few signs referencing them to be the "Half way point"......for 2021 it is mile 1,096.5!


AT Mile Marker 1,100

200 miles so far this year