"My Adventures started a long time ago!"


Many of you know me as a “bit of an adventurous spirit“. Well....this has been part of my life since adolescence.  For example; I once use to hop trains with my friend Doug Russell.



Then one summer, back in the early 1970's,  I hitchhiked around the U.S with my college roommate Dan Lechota


And how could I forget my whitewater rafting days!


And there have been a few more adventures in-between  and throughout the years but I digress. This blog, in the beginning, will focus on mine and Kens  next section hike of the AT. BTW, a shoutout to Robert Hickman for planting the seed of hiking the AT. See you on the trail soon!  (and anyone else that possesses that adventurous spirit!....and you know who you are!). Our first section started at Springer Mountain, Georgia last year to “test our resolve and ability”. Check out that page.  I think we passed. 



So now the journey continues...June 21, 2018!! Oh.. BTW June 21st is Kens Birthday! 58 years young!

11+ miles first day. Stayed in a hostel due to storm. Second day has started. Hope to get another 11 miles in today. Mores storms coming in this afternoon.

“Yesterday was national hike naked day and the only one I saw was this person. So disappointed 😊”. 

Waiting out rain and for room service from tent. Don’t know why it is taking so long!

Salem salamander for Shannon!

Looks and feels like Amazon rainforest

Trail gnomes

View from Blood mountain. A lot of blood, sweat and tears shed on this climb and decent. Highest point in Georgia.

“On a mountain far, far away.....and high!”

Ken taking care of some blisters at Indian Cave Gap.

I broke out the do rag at Tray Mountain Gap. Brings back the 70’s👍

“This is Hyking Vyking and his grandson Fire fly. Ran in to them last night. What about you Parker, Joseph and Dominic joining me some day?😊. Better start working on your trail names! And equal opportunity because we don’t want to leave out Little Bit, Little Lizzie and Ladybug! You already have your trail names😊”

Night 4 after a 14 mile day and thunderstorms and big rain the last 2 hours. Only had to put up with a loud snorer and the mice!

Staying at the Top of Georgia Hostel tonight (another bunkhouse). Made it a low mileage day today to build back some energy for the big climbs the next few days. Should reach the NC border tomorrow!

Liven large at the Top Of Georgia Hostel with Bob and Vagabond (staff). Great place! Vagabond is 75 and has thru hiked the AT twice. Those of you thinking doing the AT, add this to your list of must stops.

Ken and I were promoted to doctors at the hostel today. Doctor of trailology!

Taking in the view. And a well deserved break.

Bunk house at the top of Georgia. Was a great place to stay...versus sleeping on the ground in the rain! But I like the latter also😊

As we were approaching this tree it parted just like the Red Sea....no really😊....or it was just a mirage😎. Starting day 6 tomorrow.

We met Squeak (the guy) and Fern 5 miles into our hike and we have been seeing them the rest of the way. We synced up today at the hostel and we will hike together for a few day.

Ken let’n his dogs breath!

Sorry Ray Charles but Georgia is no longer on our mind. Entered the Tar Heel State mid day today so now it is James Taylor ready to sing about Carolina!

7 days in! Still had to stop and smell the flowers.

Nectar of the Gods....water!

8 day in and hiking to town to re supply. Hey Dan Lechota, memories of 72!

Lions, Tigers and Bears...oh my!! Doesn’t it look like the scene from the wizard of Oz?

Top of Albert Mountain (5,500 ft). Fire tower on the top of the mountain...which we didn’t climb. Been raining for 5 hours today.

I think this may be steps up to one of the Smurfs....maybe Papa Smurf? Because I am Papa you know😊

Nice looking rock on the mountain

As mentioned, 8 days in. Hiked a heavy 17 miles yesterday and 12 miles today to get to Franklin at a reasonable time. Considering a 0 day tomorrow to do laundry, fix blisters, rashes and other assorted things related to the hike. And to get a new sleeping pad. It blew out 4 days ago. But will assess later tonight. As mentioned, cell service is few and far between but will keep the photos and commentary (thru Ang😊) as often as we can. Squeak left our group and the trail today. He has completed his goal.

Ya gotta love it😊. Joseph, your frog would fit in well here! Ate at a catfish place in Franklin, NC last night. Really friendly people. We were walking into town looking for a pharmacy (needed some bug bite meds) and we stopped to ask directions from this elderly couple and they offered to drive me where ever I needed and also waited for me to drive me back. Thanks to my new friend Bill!

Apparently this is an often photographed tree on the trail in Georgia. Why, I don’t know but I followed suit to carry on the tradition👍

This family from Croatia stayed at our Hostel last night (non hikers) and said it was better than any Motel 6! And I agree. Probably better than any Motel 6, 7, 8...etc.👍.

Picture of “Stickman” rolling a.......cigarette? Okay let’s go with that😎. He’s been on the trail for a few months but really doesn’t know where he is going....except up and down the mountains✌️

Sorry for going dark for so long on updating the blog. We have not been able to upload anything the last several days due to no/low cell service and a glitch in the Blog software. Still working on that but i will keep pushing to keep on updating our adventures! The posts from this point down are actually in reverse chronological order (current to previous). I am also working on adding new pages separate from this front page focused on different topics. Also note that in some images posted, they are actually slide shows, highlighting multiple photos. I hope you continue to enjoy seeing and reading about the  escapades of MacGyver and Survivor on the AT!

Northern boundary of the Smokies!

Morning of the 9th

You have heard of "Moses" and the Burning Bush...well this is Survivor and the Burning Wall!

Some hiker dude said i looked like Mr. Miyagi??

Ran into a Federal Ranger on the 8th. Ranger Matt.

Taking a well deserved break.

Beieve it or not, a cold morning on the trail.

Yet another shelter along the way.

Morning of the 8th.

MacGyver chill'n at our latest Motel 6 Shelter.

Near Clingmans Dome, the highest point on the AT, but too foggy to see anything.

Still headed North

Came across this water source on the trail but couldn't figure out what kind of spring it was.

Throughout the Smokies we have been basically hiking the ridges between TN and NC and this shot is taken at Newfound Gap.

MacGyver and Fern making a fashion statement with their rain gear.

As we were hiking along we came across this wild boar trap. It seems they are quite prevalent in the Smokies...and I guess the Tar Heels are trying to keep the Razorback population out of NC:).

These will be our typical home away from home for the next 71 miles.....with many having this signed posted on them.

Early morning leaving Fontana Dam headed for the Smokies!

Made it to the Fontana "Hilton" Shelter for the night. Top shelf accommodations that sleeps 12.

Looks like these three hikers gave up and just left their packs sitting there....or

They were admiring the view from above on a tower. First time in days we had a break in the rain when on top of a mountain.

Making our way to Fontana Dam but must stay hydrated. MacGyver is making sure of that.

Okay....did you really expect me NOT to take a picture of a snake and post it?

Looks like "Smoochie" followed me out to the AT. Those of you that don't know who Smoochie is.....ask my grandkids:)

The moning of July 2nd leaving the NOC.

Okay Doug Russell, i think it is time to bring back my train hopping skills to get us to the next re-supply point.

MacGyver traversing the ridges of several mountains and doing it with grace!

Dave the hiker from Columbus, OH. And yes....he is a Buckeye fan.

This hiker looks wore out. Must be due to all the laundry he has been doing.

Just needed to smile :).

Day 11 is in and we are hunkered down at the NOC. Rained...again...this afternoon. Will be pushing ourselves the next few days to get to Fontana Dam in 2 days; our staging area to enter the Smokies. Greetings to all that are following us!

The nats, mosquitos and flies were driving me crazy so i had to break out my bug net....and it worked!

The AT is marked with White Blazes to let you know where you are but suddenly yesterday we came across these Gold Blazes. Puzzling.....so we theorized we were on the "Willy Wonka Trail"! And these Blazes were the Golden Tickets to the wonderful world of trail chocolate and the Umpa Lumpas!! So we started taking these "golden tickets" with us :).

Day 11 morning. Beautiful site of the fog burning off.

Smallest hiker i have seen so far. Need to give him a trail name.

We were so high on a mountain today that i thought i saw some Edelweiss.

Did i just hear the Sound Of Music while walking by this field??

Morgan and Dominic, met someone with Paw Patrol shoes hiking the trail!