Why are we long distance hiking the AT?

"To Savor and Extend the Adventures of our Youth ".

Not a lot of AT miles in WVA, but still some great views and adventures!

Stayed at David Lesser Shelter one night.

I think my sleep pad shrank!

Can't ever have too much water!

Did my camel impersonation and carried 8 liters of water uphill to the shelter!

Tried to do my best Moses impersonation parting the Red Sea.....well... in my case it was a small stream....

A bit of road walking......I'd rather be in the woods fighting off the bears and snakes then on the road dodging traffic!

Come on boots.....keep on walking!

Must be dehydrated...I'm seeing double.....blazes.

A key place on this years trip...the "symbolic" half way point on the AT and where many filp floppers flip up to Katahdin.

A True AT Legend from the Past!

Famous walking bridge that crosses the Potomac River... on our way to Maryland.