“Somewhere between the start of the trail and the end is the mystery why we choose to walk.” –Unknown

Greetings to all!! It's 2020 and the next big section hike on the AT for MacGyver and I begins on July 12 where we left off in 2019 (Dicky Gap; mile marker 520). We have a lofty goal of 4 weeks this year....and I hope our knees, legs, arms, etc. can keep up with our lofty positive "Can Do" attitude:). 


You will notice I have added some commentary to many of the pictures to give them context (or add a little levity :)) but there are some, particularly of the landscape, with no comment....... because words sometimes cannot really explain the beauty we saw in person.......so for those, just close your eyes and image....and/or join us next time to see for yourself! 

Shuttle to the trailhead from the Tri Cities airport in East Tennessee from a former 2-time thru hiker (Hotrock) from Maine that transplanted to TN......to be closer to the AT (a common occurrence among many people that hike the AT). All smiles...and clean shaven. The smiles will remain for the four weeks but the clean shaven part...maybe not so much! And make note of my blue shirt and black and white headband and MacGyver's "salmom" colored shirt (I am "colored changed" so i am only guessing that it is salamon colored:). For some reason we were quite fond of wearing these cloths, ALOT :)

One of many selfies:)

Prequel to our hike:

I had the opportunity to participate in a Podcast on “Mighty Blue On The AT” prior to this year’s LASH that gives some insight into my life and to the preparation for this year’s hike.


A big shout out to Steve Adams ("Might Blue"); an Author, a Podcaster and a 2 time AT Thru hiker, for giving me the opportunity to tell mine and many other hikers their stories!