A while ago my wife Sandy and had talked about celebrating our wedding anniverary by booking a trip on the WineTrain between Napa Valley and Sonoma....a simple excursion, right? Well....me and my adventurous spirit took over a bit and I had visions of a much bigger "Road Trip"! Sooooo, along with my brother Mike and his wife Robbin willingly on board (the wine train idea), we decided on a road trip from Northern California to Southern California, with many stops in between. And of course with a Wine Adventure Theme...well....maybe more than just wine :). Here we go!

So the Journey Begins!!

First stop? San Francisco!....Home of Rice a Roni: "The San Francisco Treat!".

First stop: The Golden Gate Bridge...where we found a couple celebraties in very expensive sunglasses!

Then on to the Muir Woods Redwood Forest and many other places....Check out the other sub pages!!