Why are we long distance hiking the AT?

"There is something truly exciting and exhilarating about being out of one’s comfort zone"

Stayed at Tom's Run Shelter night after our zero.

No, it's not the sun coming up......it's a train coming down the tracks just after we crossed.

After raining all day....not sure our gear is going to dry out just by hanging.....

Found a stealth campsite and trying to dry out from a rainy day.

A lonely dinner just waiting to be eaten!

Not bad for a $6 pair of camp shoes from Walmart!

MacGyver found his dinner!

A full backpack ready to go...just waiting on the hiker. Must be in privy!

Rock Maze and Boulder Scramble for a bit.

......And all smiles when he makes it to the top!

MacGyver slugging out miles up the hill.......

Interesting landscape "change" from just south of Boiling Springs to Carlisle, PA. Lot's of flat...and literally walking thru acres of farm land.....what a reprieve on our legs and feet!

Had a great stay at "Lisa's Place" in Boiling Springs

A treat after a good hike for the day!

Our alarm clock for the morning we left.

This is Liza. A great hostel and hostel owner!

We upgraded to the trailer from the bunkhouse.

And a front row view/smell of the horses!

And before you knew it...we were leaving this nice walk thru the town.........

.....back to the uphill rock climbing........

....climbing over fences.

First White Blaze cross I have seen. Must be Sunday near a Church

I think I have a hiking boot issue!.....Good thing for duct tape!

Gotta love the "love" some people give along the trail :)

Sort of a "version" of the green tunnel......

....but a concrete tunnel?

Still a stark difference in terrain....beautiful flat farm land..........

........to tough up hill/down hill climbs and descents.

My "spidey" sense is telling me the rocks and hills are here to stay.....

Not sure if this is trail angel food and drink....or just some knucklehead that doesn't believe in LNT....but thanks for the beer:)

Water is scarce right now......

.....so MacGyver is great at finding it where he can. His "leaf engineering" skills are excellent!

I believe views from Hawk Rock just south of Duncannon, PA


Dont turn your back MacGyver on those Porcupines!!

In Duncannon, we stayed in the basement of Pastor Campbell's home at the Assembly Of God Church. What a great person and great stay. Spent more nights there unexpectedly due to Hurricane Ida but glad we did. Kept us dry and met some great thru hikers.

Pastor Campbell on the right and his family.

PLENTY of room for gear.

MacGyver motoring up those steep rock-filled climbs

...at a brisk 2 miles/per hour.

.....with a serious "where do I put my foot now!" look on his face.

Is that an AT flag MacGyver is carrying....or is he just trying to dry out some cloths?

A stroll across the Susquehanna River.

As mentioned before, we had to take an unplanned zero because of Hurricane Ida. Crazy rain and wind and downed trees! We got back on the trail the day after the storm calmed down....not thinking about what condition the trail was going to be in.........

Yes...this is the trail. Basically the whole trail was flooded for miles.

MacGyver using his best rock hopping skills.

.....and he made a triple hop!

A bit of an understatement!

I'm being shadowed.....