Why are we long distance hiking the AT?

 Maybe a Forest Gump moment? "That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little walk".

Central VA and still in the Shenandoah's has some great views....and great Smiles!

With a Deluxe Privy

Also in Central VA there were "relatively" more flat spots for tents the first few days. Emphasis on "relative" because the only real flat spots on the AT may be in a Hostel or Hotel.....and even that is a maybe!

A very organized hiker or….. remnants of a naked hiker. Maybe it was National Hike Naked Day!

Spent a night at Rock Spring Shelter

....with Shelter Sprawl

Optical illusion?

Early morning start to see such great views!

First Hostel we stayed at

With owner Alison Coltrane

Foggy Morning