These were one of the flooded trails we walked thru!!

There is no video clip yet

Finally made it thru North Carolina....and hopefully the storms (but probably not) and into Tennessee. And yes, that ankle deep "river of water" next to the sign is the trail we have been walking in. 


My rain poncho has taken a beating....but nothing that a bit of duck tape can't fix! I kept it together for the entire 3 weeks!!

Doesn't this look like one of those scary "Halloween" slasher movies!

Stayed at Mountain Harbour Hostel and B&B. We stayed in the Hostel and not the B&B :). But all was a great place. Took a zero here to wait out some of the continuous storms coming thru. As a result we met a lot of hikers....and a great breakfast! Who said we didn't have a good meal once in a while! Of course this one meal lasted us for days :)


Caught a break for a few days when we actually saw sun...and some great views! Take a look at the next few pics!

After all that rain, we had plenty of water to contend with...and rocks to climb.


Spent a lot of time in the Cherokee National Forest.

This appeared to be one of the oldest shelters on the AT....and it showed signs of still being used...when the weather is bad, one finds any kind of cover they can!

Stayed at Boots Off Hostel one night to get foodre-supply.

...or was it the "Bates Hotel"?

Decided to price out one of those Little Houses!

Couldn't have been more than a 8x8 shed. Had to step outside to "change our mind".

Typical communal area for hikers...and sometimes the homeless.

Hike out of Books Off had some great views.

MacGyver drying out some gear

In a crowded camp site this night.

We hit the 400 mile marker this week! 160 miles hiked so far.