Most of my backpacking adventures to date have been in the Eastern part of the U.S.......but since I am an "equal opportunity hiker", I took advantage of an opportunity that allowed me to hike some of the Colorado Rocky Mountains recently. And what an adventure it was! Join me in seeing some of the highlights from my trip........

This was a typical "Post Card" view which I and the group I was with experienced. And NO....this is not a post card but a real photo i took :). And the mountains in the background....I did scale a few of those, but more on that later.

We (myself, "Grizz", "Boot", "Doc" and "Iceman" - more on my backpacking partners later) arrived a day early to acclimatize ourselves to the altitude and it was good that we did. Also to make some "key"  stops prior to beginning our hike: 1) REi to get some propane for our cooking stoves, 2) liquor store and.....3) the "dispensary ". No worries, "Survivior" was the DH....."Designated Hiker"! Or was he :)......Don't they say, "What happens in the Rockies stays in the Rockies"?? 

As mentioned we spent the day we arrived acclimatizing to the altitude and stayed at a "fancy AirBNB" place that first night that was at about 8,000 ft. Hey; at least we had a picnic table!

Rawah Wilderness was where we hiked and a wilderness it was!

On day 1 right at the trailhead I knew we were in store for some fantastic views!

....and the overcast skies never took away from the beauty.

Doesn't this look a bit like the lagoon on "Gilligan's Island??

That speck on the top of the ridge may be me.....or maybe that person right below the snow trying to

Where is my sled when i needed it!

Snowball Fight!!

Hope there is no avalanche.

Base camp for 2 days.

Just summited 12,000ft. Sheep Mountain...and it was "Baaaaaa"d Ass :). 50mph hour winds...and cold....but what a view.

Taking a well deserved break during the descent from Sheep Mountain.

Caught some trout and had an old fashion fish fry.Sooooo fresh!

Moose everywhere!!

And even a Llama?? Apparently hunters sometimes use these animals to pack ou the game they kill. It seems this Llama decided to make a break for it and didn't want to carry anything!

So many unbelievable breathtaking views that I have decided to also create a separate album page for you to preview!